In the Samana Peninsula, you will find many excursions and sports activities.

We suggest you :

Los Haïtises National park

haitises absolute MUST: Los Haïtises National Park was once a safe haven for the Taino Indians where they hid out in the many caves which still bear their original pictographs and cave drawings dating back to the beginning of the XVI Century.
Without a doubt the most spectacular of the country´s national parks, Los Haïtises is home to a huge variety of endemic flora and fauna and is particularly famous for its bird colonies, including herons, pelicans, frigates, swallows, buzzards…
Los Haïtises also boasts the greatest abundance of Caribbean mangroves and the peace and quiet there is incredible. The only sounds are the birds singing… Heaven!

Whale watching in Samana

baleinesEvery year the humpback Whales come to the Bay of Samana to give birth and to mate. Whale watching is permitted from 15 of January to 15 March only.
Measuring some 12 meters and weighing 40 tons the whales offer an unforgettable sight for your awestruck eyes.
Watch as the males launch themselves out of the water in an effort to impress the “ladies” as part of the mating ritual.
It is so exciting to see the newly born calves clinging to their mothers who in turn spend their whole time caressing and playing with them.

Fronton, Madam and Rincon beaches: best snorkeling!

playa-madam-las-terrenasDiscover the hidden treasures of the Dominican Republic: visit 3 unspoiled beaches classified among the most beautiful in the world!
Ever dreamed of landing on a deserted beach with not another human in sight? Well, your dream can come true!
Leaving Las Galeras by small boat you will visit 2 natural beaches accessible by boat only. Fronton and Madama beaches are the 2 best sites for snorkeling in the area: the coral reefs and multicolored fish are calling you…
Although equally beautiful these 3 beaches are very different to the beaches in Las Terrenas. So if you want to see true Caribbean colors, hop on board!

El Limon waterfall

el-salto-del-limonA nice gentle ride on horseback lead by one of the local guides brings you to the top of El Limon Waterfall, an impressive 50 meter drop. During the half hour trip you will be introduced to many tropical plants, trees and fruits.
Then a 15-minute walk down to swim in the natural fresh pool below.
If you´re of an adventurous nature you can even swim behind the fall and explore the cave there. Photos, a short rest and then back to the ranch for Dominican style lunch … delicious!.

And a lot of others to discover…




But also :

Scuba diving, fishing, kite surfing, surfing, standing paddle, tennis, schools Latin American dance, horse riding on the beach. . .

Las Terrenas, you will find a wide selection of car rental, quads and scooters. . .

We can organize ,for you, all these activities and excursions.